Fitness Pilates


There are many benefits of Pilates exercise, for men and women of all ages.

The Pilates Method of body conditioning was first conceived by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s; later, in the 1940s, it caught on with dancers and people in the performing arts. In contemporary times, its emphasis on the mind-body connection has awakened a renewed interest in this type of fitness training among people from all walks of life.

There are over 500 different exercises described in the Pilates Method, performed either on a mat or on special equipment using springs for resistance.

Some of the real benefits of Pilates exercise include:

  • improve Body Conditioning & Shaping on a deeper level

  • refines and strengthens the intrinsic/ finer muscles 

  • better posture and ease of movement 

  • being able to isolate and control muscle activation

  • corrective training for Prevention of injury

  • non invasive to joints (no aggressive weight bearing) 

  • increase Recovery rate from injuries

  • better retention of Muscle memory


VMAX Fitness Pilates offers a body changing and particular workout in just 60 minutes. We work in various levels ranging from beginners to advanced. With our workouts being smarter, not longer, fusing elements of traditional reformer pilates with cardio and endurance training for a great workout. 

Circuit Pilates

A is highly  intensive interval training, challenging for every individual. This combines classical reformer exercises with a circuit environment, where clients move from station to station at specific intervals.

Traditional Reformer 

Mat work Pilates, which incorporates bands, squishy and big balls, and magic circles to enhance and add variety to each workout.  This style of pilates utilises body weight to intensify each exercise.

Barre and Pilates Reformer Fusion

Are offered on Saturday morning in a group setting. Clients who may have hip, groin and glute activation difficulties would benefit from this style of workout through strengthening of legs activating the correct muscles to avoid pain. 

​Boxing Pilates​​

This is a great combination and is one of the most popular classes at our studio, combining half hour boxing to get the heart pumping, then followed by half hour of Pilates Reformer.  A great full body workout.



Vicki D'Onofrio


Vick has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years now and has expanded her experience into the Pilates field.

Her expertise is multi-disciplinary, and includes:


Matwork Course 1 and 2
Ball, Circle & Band Course
Reformer 1 Course
Reformer  2 Course
Wunda Chair Course

Cadillac Course


Seaneen Blair


Seaneen has been teaching Pilates for a over three years and specialises in Pilates reformer. She combines teaching with her other career in Styling.
Prior to this Seaneen was working in television and decided to make a some changes to achieve better work life balance.

Seaneen loves to help clients achieve their goals, and finds it inspiring its to see often broken bodies mend throughout their practice. Transformation in confidence and strength is one of her desired outcomes.

Seaneen teaches Pilates Circuit on Tuesdays at 9.15am and Pilates Reformer on Thursdays at 9.15am


Nicolette D'Onofrio


Nicolette is a National and Oceania champion in the 200m and 100m Hurdles events, having done sprinting now for 10years +.

She has been working with her parents Vicki and Pino in the gym world from a young age of 16 and has been teaching classes since then. Fully qualified in Pilates Reformer/ S&C and has both Certificate III & IV.

Nicolette is passionate about getting the best results for everyone she comes across and using their and her own strengths as an advantage. 


Lucy Palmer


Lucy is a fully qualified in Pilates Reformer, Mat Pilates and has both Certificate III & IV.