Yoga assists in the release of static energy from our bodies. When we connect to our essence (core energy) we embrace ourselves and struggle becomes a distant memory. When yoga is practiced with detachment we begin to let go of limitations; we grow spiritually and transform physically. Aches and pains disappear and our skin glows. Our intuition expands and we make better choices for our lives. We move with more ease and at times it feels like we can float and still stay grounded.

There are six common attributes for longevity at any age: energy, peace of mind, awareness, harmony, stability, and suppleness. Our new V-Max Yoga will touch on all of these with only exciting and energizing results.

Whether you are into running or bootcamp or boxing or strength training, maintaining your flexibility is key in keeping your fitness gains coming and injuries at bay. We are excited to welcome Mavis and her V-Max Yoga session: a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga and stretching to increase your flexibility and range of motion.