About this class

A fun gymnastics based class focused on improving your flexibility and core strength. This class will  include a series of specialist drills and warm-ups suitable for beginners through to budding gymnasts all aimed at making you feel stronger and looking trimmer.  You will enjoy a series of activities while listening to some great music that will involve learning some basic and advanced skills that are the foundation for all sports and healthy living.  Some of these include; half turns, backbends and walkovers. As you develop your flexibility, core strength and confidence, you might even want to try learning the correct methods for; forward rolls, kicks, jumps and leaps, then tuck hand stands, half and full-handstands and cartwheels. Tumbling is a combination of some of these skills used in artistic gymnastics on the floor and in trampolining. Some acrobatics from Levels 1-3 will be incorporated into the lesson and can be extended to higher levels depending on capability and confidence. This class is for beginners to intermediate.  It’s been designed to improve your  fitness, core strength, body shape and flexibility.  In the words of many sports coaches, including Pino Donofrio “gymnasts have the ultimate sports bodies combining strength with flexibility”



Shannon Fisher


  • Stretching: Neck, arms, shoulders, legs (working up to the splits), back, knees and feet
  • Strength: arms, stomach (abs and core), legs & butt
  • Skills: Presents, step kicks (front, side, back), leaps, jumps and kicks
  • Individuals: basics (1/2 turn on toes & full turn) walkovers (back bends, kick overs)
  • Tumbling: Pop jumps, tuck hand stand, full & half-handstands, cartwheels, cartwheel snaps, forward rolls, hurdle jumps, handstand pops

Based on Level 1-3 Acrobatic (ACRO) gymnastics curriculum